All about Zip and Links

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What is a Zip and Link Bed?
This is a bed that can be either one big bed or two single beds by means of linking bars on the base and double zippers on the mattresses to enable it to be separated when and if you need them to be.

There are three standard sizes available;
Kingsize Ziplink
(5’0 x 6’6) – Comprising of 2 x 2’6″ x 6’6″ beds
This size is priced the same as Extraking models
Extraking Ziplink (6’0 x 6’3) – Comprising of 2 x 3’0″ x 6’3″ beds
Superking Ziplink (6’0 x 6’6) – Comprising of 2 x 3’0 x 6’6″ beds

What are the benefits of a Ziplink?
Each side of the bed is entirely independent of each other, thereby totally eliminating ‘roll together’ even when the springs are cage sprung. It is also an ideal solution for hotels and guest houses where the bed can be adapted to suit the guests requirements – either twin beds or one luxurious big bed. Secondly, most stairwells cannot take a full superking size mattress to be delivered. A zip and link makes delivery possible. All Zip and Link mattresses are standard sizes and can fit into / onto any standard bedframe either Kingsize or Superking size but obviously cannot be separated.

About King Size Zip and Links
A kingsize ziplink is the same overall size as a standard kingsize bed. 5’0 x 6’6″. The bed is split into two making each side 2’6″ wide and 6’6″ long. This size of bed is practical when room size cannot accommodate a superking size bed. If you are looking to buy this type of bed for guest house / B&B use then bear in mind that when separated, a 2’6 wide bed is rather small for the average person.

About Extraking Size Zip and Links
An Extraking ziplink is 6’0 x 6’3″. It is only the length of the bed that differentiates it from the superking size. Always bear in mind that some retailers describe this size as a Superking – which it clearly is not. Always check on the overall size before purchasing. This size of bed is ideal when your available room space is at a premium. The majority of zip and link beds with a pocket spring system will be offered in this extraking size – the price of the bed will increase dramatically if you are looking for a full superking size ziplink with a pocket spring system and you may be paying a premium for it.

About Superking Size Zip and Links
A Superking ziplink is 6’0 x 6’6″. This is the standard size of a superking size bed whether it be a ziplink or one piece.

Will you feel the zippers?
No. The zippers are situated on the sides at the top of the mattress and the bottom of the mattress to enable the mattresses to be joined together. They are manufactured so that the zippers are just beneath the seam on the edge of the mattress. When together the seams fold over the zipper.

Remember when selecting your headboards for ziplinks that you will need 2 x singles (or 2 x 2’6 for King ZL) in order that the beds can be separated without removing. If you go for a one piece headboard then it will have to be removed when you separate the beds. Also be aware of the design, when the beds are together the headboard has to look like one piece, so the sides that butt up together should be verticle – no fancy shapes or protrusions (metal headboards)

Zip and Links for Hotel, Guest House use
I personally think that you do not have to spend a fortune on beds for Guest house or hotel use. It would be better to change the mattresses on a yearly basis than to pay more in order for the mattress to last longer. This not only is a more hygienic option but also can be used as a selling point to your guests.

Comfort should of course be the main consideration, but also remember that the beds will be used as seating and resting a lot more than it will in a domestic setting. Therefore, when making your selection look for the durability aspects of the mattress as well as the comfort level.
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